Durchblick for JetBrains MPS

Durchblick is a plugin for JetBrains MPS that provides an alternate editor for generator templates.

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You can also find it in the MPS plugin Marketplace by searching for it from within Plugins Settings page.

Durchblick is German for insight/transparency.


Durchblick aims to provide easier and faster reasoning about generator templates by inlining information that is usually hidden in the inspector.


Easy to Use

No external dependencies. Installs directly from the plugin marketplace or via ZIP. Update are automatically handled by MPS.


Reward Good Templates

Templates with little code in the macros are encouraged by inlining them into the main editor. Guding you to put complex logic into seperate classes outside of the generator template.


Got more questions? Visit the FAQ page.


Durchblick is open source. All contributions (code or none code) are highly welcome ❤️. Take a look at the existing issues, create new ones with your idea/question or open a pull request.


Durchblick licensed under Apache License 2.0.
Durchblick is absolutely free for personal or commercial use.